The mill

Ardennes Developement gives the floor to the Mill of Signy l’Abbaye

3 August 2022

Ardennes Développement, that supports businesses, also has the mission of promoting the know-how of the Ardennes region.
In this context, a film presenting the Mill of Signy l'Abbaye was shot, giving the floor to Jean-Nicolas Javelaud, son of the current manager of the company.
In this video, the richness of the Ardennes region is highlighted with the variety of wheat: Apache. The commercial and technical support of the Mill of Signy l'Abbaye teams is also mentioned with the aim of strengthening the local economic network via artisan baker customers.

Par Ardennes Développement, l'agence de développement économique des Ardennes -
Crédit photo & vidéo : ©Ardennes Développement / Graphik impact - 2022

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