I would like to make a mark on the consumer, encouraging them to get to know me, arousing their curiosity and leaving a lasting positive impression.
Marketing then becomes an indispensable tool.

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Your own brand

Customised and customisable marketing

Moulin de Signy supports you in the creation of your graphic identity.
Your accredited advisor is at your service to bring to life your image through a host of tools, such as your outfits, labelling, bags, storefront, website, etc.
Your reputation thus grows over the years.

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National renown

La Pétrie,
a brand
of quality

Choose to be a La Pétrie brand ambassador. Draw on national renown and significant financial resources for a single brand in the service of all. Enjoy a La Pétrie store concept at the cutting edge of bakery merchandising with a fun, young and feminine ambience.

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I'm interested too !!!

Illustration support