A solution is always studied taking into account your age, career path and professional profile in order to ensure that your project materialises.

the location

Choosing the best location is no simple matter.
You will thus be able to take advantage of our long experience and stack all the odds in your favour.

your equipment needs

Correctly assessing your needs is a determining factor in successfully setting up your business.
Productivity and the quality of the finished products must be at the centre of your thinking.
With great professionalism, Moulin de Signy will be able to give you technical advice about the different bakery equipment available on the market.

Balance is key!
A successful new business is based on a fully developed business plan and a good balance between production capacity, payroll, investment and business potential.
Nothing must be left to chance!

Drawing up
a logical and coherent business plan

bank funding

Because you won't have a second chance to make a good first impression,
our know-how will be a great help when you are making bank applications.

I'm interested too !!!

Illustration support