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A very wide range is on offer. Got an idea? We will create the flour you wish.

Corn, Black Grain, Wholemeal, Farmhouse, Spelt, Sunflower, Sesame, Oat, Brioche, Pastry, Brown flax, Meal, etc.

Femme qui aime le blé


The Moulin de Signy-l’Abbaye is distinguished by its state-of-the-art milling.
Its rigorous selection of pure wheat varieties guarantees optimal quality on a daily basis.
The mill has an extremely high-performance quality control department. All the flours produced are controlled on a daily basis before being put on the market.

Our history

The Moulin de Signy-l’Abbaye has been run by the members of the same family for over five generations.

Elisa Drouet, born in 1884, daughter of the miller of Draize (08) and great-grandmother of the current manager, brought the Signy-l’Abbaye mill as part of her dowry to her husband Charles Wahart, himself a miller and son of Alexandre Wahart, the miller of Wagnon (08).

It all began here Flèche

Femme sérieuse

In August 1953, the mill was entirely destroyed by a violent fire. It would be rebuilt in 1955 by their son Pierre in the current basic configuration. Pierre Wahart would die prematurely a few years later in 1960 at the age of 48. His wife Edith found herself alone with her six children – four of whom were minors – to raise and the mill to manage.

In January 1998, Jean-Jérôme Javelaud took over the family mill from his uncle Bruno Wahart.

All the work carried out with commitment and passion day after day by the mill's teams is continued with the arrival of Jean-Nicolas and Jean-Philippe Javelaud to the company. This ensures that know-how is passed on to future generations.

Filière blé-farine-pain

The wheat-flour-bread sector is a real story of passion, with a wealth of meaningful human relations shared with our Artisan Baker clientele.

Jean-Jérôme Javelaud

15 000 tonnes of flour

Total traceability

Analysis and controls


A united group passionate about bakery life. Our team with a wide range of talents will remain constantly at your side, responding rapidly and enthusiastically to your requests.


Photo de Mélina Bahouala
Illustration de Mélina Bahouala

Mélina Bahouala
Commercial assistant

Photo de Mathieu Leroux
Illustration de Mathieu Leroux

Mathieu Leroux
Sales advisor

Photo de Jérémy Guelorget
Illustration de Jérémy Guelorget

Jérémy Guelorget

Photo de Bertrand Gueugnaud
Illustration de Bertrand Gueugnaud

Bertrand Gueugnaud
Sales advisor

Photo de Sylvain Trassart
Illustration de Sylvain Trassart

Sylvain Trassart
Bakery Designer

Photo de Laurine Mabilotte
Illustration de Laurine Mabilotte

Laurine Mabilotte
Project Manager

Photo de Théo Lahaye
Illustration de Théo Lahaye

Théo Lahaye
Sales advisor

Photo de Jacky Liu
Illustration de Jacky Liu

Jacky Liu
Technical advisor

Photo de Béatrice Tillier
Illustration de Béatrice Tillier

Béatrice Tillier
Responsible for sales administration

Photo de Marie Richet
Illustration de Marie Richet

Marie Richet
Sales Administration Assistant

Photo de Philippe Renaud
Illustration de Philippe Renaud

Philippe Renaud
Sales advisor

Photo de Kévin Dardard
Illustration de Kévin Dardard

Kévin Dardard
Sales advisor

Photo de Jessica Maillard
Illustration de Jessica Maillard

Jessica Maillard

Photo de Emelyne Litkowski
Illustration de Emelyne Litkowski

Emelyne Litkowski
Commercial Department Assistant

Photo de Charles Caron
Illustration de Charles Caron

Charles Caron
Sales director

Photo de Alexandre Gaquère
Illustration de Alexandre Gaquère

Alexandre Gaquère
Sales advisor

Photo de Christophe Vannet
Illustration de Christophe Vannet

Christophe Vannet
Sales advisor

Photo de Franck Roland
Illustration de Franck Roland

Franck Roland
Sales advisor

Photo de Olivier Mabilotte
Illustration de Olivier Mabilotte

Olivier Mabilotte
Bakery set-up manager

Photo de Stéphane Defaux
Illustration de Stéphane Defaux

Stéphane Defaux

Photo de Sébastien Lecocq
Illustration de Sébastien Lecocq

Sébastien Lecocq
Training center manager

Photo de Yves Gardel
Illustration de Yves Gardel

Yves Gardel
Quality Manager

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